guess what, guys? construction is never finished when you think it will be. everyone knows that, of course, but we're here to officially set the record straight in case there was any lingering doubt. the verdict is in and the answer is unanimous: construction (especially from the ground up) is a long and arduous (but fun!) process. 

since it's been a while since we updated, we thought we'd share some photos. things are really taking shape and the interior walls give so much depth and perspective to what the final product will look like.

here is a panoramic of the space:

our parking lot has been paved and striped (crazy!) and our exterior is almost complete. we have glass in our windows and our exterior sign will be going up soon at the top of the building facade. 

since there are so many codes and permits that must be acquired and lots of hands are involved at this stage, things just take more time than you think. it's like a set of dominos and they must all be set into motion well in advance for everything to finish up on time. it is not as easy as saying "build that wall." of course, it's always nice to know that a building is being constructed properly - architects and contractors have very important jobs and we want to make sure our building is made safely. we're glad that there are procedures in place to make that happen but sometimes, man, they can sure get in the way. 

all this being said, we're most likely looking at a January 2016 opening. it's a little crushing because our goal has always been to get this sucker opened in calendar year of 2015. but the holidays complicate things and there's a small window of time we'd have to hit in order to open before the holiday rush. we're not sure we'll be there in time and so the wisest decision feels like january. most new restaurants don't open in january; that's a hard time of year - post-holidays, bad weather and all - but you know what? we're going rogue! forget what most people do, we're doing things the Neighbor's Mill way and sometimes that means you take a big leap of faith and just jump and hope for the best. having a good, strong staff to help push you in the right direction never hurts either. 

well, that's about all from us for now. we can't wait to show you more when it's completed. send us lots of good thoughts and vibes if you think about it!