You've probably heard by now that we're expanding. We're moving north to Springfield, Missouri and we can't wait. We wanted to give you an update on what's happening with our property...

We're under construction! 

Our site is located at the corner of Fremont and Independence on the south side of Springfield. We'll be part of a small development called Paige Reese Plaza. Here's what the development looked like just after they broke ground: 

Here's what it looks like today: 

FAQ's about our site: 

1. Will it be as big as your store in Harrison? It will actually be BIGGER! Our dining room will be slightly larger but we're really expanding our back of house facilities. We'll have more room for our bakers, a larger oven and expanded food prep area. All of these additions will make it easier to serve you better and provide the type of products & service that you, as our customer, deserve! 

2. Will it look like a Mill? No, it will certainly have a different look and feel than the store in Harrison. Because we aren't building a stand-alone building we had to have a look that would be more aligned with the rest of the development we're part of. However, it's going to look awesome! Lots of large windows and an inviting outside patio will make our building stand out. Inside we will use a lot of textures and elements that we have in the Harrison store, including some of the original brick that was used on the outside of the Harrison building. Our goal was to blend many of the elements of the original store with new elements to make it feel modern and unique. 

3. When will you be open? Our tentative opening date is the beginning of November 2015. As with all new construction, we've had some delays and expect more to happen before the store is complete. We'll be sure to share our grand opening date when we know it -- see you there!

4. Is this store going to have its own bakers? Yes! That's one of the defining elements of our store so we will certainly have our own bakery and dedicated baking team. Everything will be baked fresh and ON SITE; that's very important to us. You will have the same look/feel/smell as the Harrison store and we'll be offering the same breads and muffins that we bake in Harrison. 

5. What can I do to help spread the word? Tell everyone you know! Do you have friends, family, work colleagues in Springfield? Let them know about us. Tweet, Instagram and Facebook about us using the hashtag #breakbreadwithneighbors. Feel free to drive by the site at 1435 E. Independence and keep up with our construction progress by following us on social media sites (Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE). 


Thanks for your support. We can't wait to serve you and break bread together in Springfield, MO!

-Lauren & Clif